1. Please talk to me I’m concerned…
        email me or call me/text me. 608 576-8956
        Did I do something wrong?
        Help me.


      2. I get that you’re vanishing. But why? What happened? Something blew in your mind?.. What is it Jessie? Please don’t leave me this way. All I keep thinking is that you must be hurting really bad to do this. Talking always helps. I just want to be a friend. Friends help friends. Certainly you understand that. Will you Keep a line open at least?


      3. Please take care of yourself Jessie – I’ll be here if you ever need or feel like talking. Always. You know where to find me. I will open a new g+ account asap, and when I do, I will let you know what it is, ok?


  1. Please delete this and my previous comments here after you read them. No need to have all this showing. Sorry. Please try to understand…ive been a train wreak thinking that I did something wrong.



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