The Reference Station for Episode 148

The Reference Station and Information
Russell Brand The Trews (E 148)
Published November 6, 2014

Russell talks with rapper/artist B.Dolan. There is a short clip of The B.Dolan video for the song Which Side Are You On? The full music video from the clip is below.

Russell mentions the song Film the Police and then they show a small clip. The full version of the song is below. Additional credits for video are B.Dolan, Toki Wright, Jusiri X, Buddy Peace and Sage Francis. B.Dolan says that the inspiration for the song came from The Oscar Grant Shooting in San Francisco

B.Dolan credits his passion for hip hop and the influence of such artists as Chuck D, KRS-1 and Rage Against the Machine for his interest in activism. Specifically noted is a clip from Rage Against the Machine music video Bulls on Parade. The full video is below.

The Evil Empire album was noted and an image from the inside of the album cover was shown. B.Dolan said that he looked at the image of all the books and went in search to find them all and read them. A screenshot of the album art is here for reference.


The titles and authors for the books are in the linear notes of the album and the full list can be found HERE for further reading and deeper insight into this special episode of The Trews.

Make sure to subscribe to The Trews and never miss an episode. I will try to keep up with the references and further reading as fast as I can. Thank you for checking out my blog.

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